All American

All American is a form of video poker that is very similar to Jacks or Better. The aim of the game is to construct a five-card poker hand after two rounds of cards.

When you begin the game, five cards will be dealt face up. You will then have to decide whether to hold any of these cards down or draw another set. You can keep as little or as many of the five cards as you like but do bear in mind that the minimum hand you will need to pick up a payout is a pair of Jacks.

Prizes in All American at Unibet betting increase as you go up the hand strength ranking in poker. For example a Full House will pay more than a straight because it is a more superior hand in the card game.

The highest payout you can receive is for a Royal Straight Flush which is really difficult to hit. If you are lucky enough to develop this hand, you will be rewarded well. In the highest mode of the game, you will pick up 4000 x your stake.

In order to win big in All American you do need to take risks after the first round of cards. Hold down cards that could work out to assist you in the hands at the top end of the table.

This may involve refusing high pairs in the process. However, if you are happy to guarantee a payout first, do hold jacks or better. Anything more after this point will be a bonus because you will have a return of some kind at the least to walk away with at Unibet.