Blackjack Rules: Tips that will help you win Blackjack Tables

What, actually, makes Blackjack the most widely played and most appreciated the casino card game in the world?

People have their strong opinion about it. One answer can be the style it is played; as players do not play against each other, rather they play against the dealer. Being the most played card game; the rules of the game are well-known by many. However, new gaming concepts, such as online casinos and online card games have created numerous new game enthusiasts as well as the veterans of the game want to know the tips that would help in playing Blackjack online.

Before coming to the tips to play online Blackjack Let us learn few concepts first.

Game Objective

In Blackjack, the players neither play against each other, nor co-operate with each other. So, the only competition that comes is from the dealer of the game. Fundamentally, it is a two-player game; however, many players can play in a single round of blackjack. The primary objective of the game is to gain higher total point than the dealer, but limiting the score below 21. You need to keep a strong watch on the score by adding the total count of the cards you hold.

Values of the Cards

As a general rule, all the cards 2 through 10 carry their face value. ‘J’, ‘Q’, and ‘K’, each carry 10 points. However the value of the ‘Ace’ is depending on the players’ choice. They may count it as either 1 or 11.

Betting Rules

There is always minimum and maximum bet amount in each game, which is predefined. There is a circle or box in the Blackjack table, where the player puts the bet. Usually, the maximum bet in a game is 10 to 20 times the minimum bet. Each player has to decide the bet amount between the minimum and maxim amount before the game.

Winning Rules

In this game, the end result can be a win, loss, or a draw. However, many times, there occur a blackjack (which itself is a win). When the player loses, the dealer takes all the bet of the player. When the player wins, he has the situation to double his money. In a blackjack, the player takes an additional 1.5 times the bet along with his original bet amount. A draw, also known as ‘Push’ is a situation in which the player keeps his bet. This is ‘No gain, No loss’ situation.

Playing Rules

At the beginning, the dealer and the players are given two cars each. Usually, the cards that the players receive have their face up, whereas one of the dealer’s cards has the face down. This card is called the hole card.

1. Deal & Blackjack

This is situation, while playing the game that occurs, if any of the players or the dealer receives of an ace and any of the ten-point cards. This is called a blackjack. If both the dealer and the player have the similar situation, it results in a ‘Push’. In a multiplayer game, if the dealer has a blackjack, all the other players not having a blackjack naturally lose.

2. Players’ Turn

After the cards are dealt, the players to the left of the dealer take their turn and draw the cards.

3. Dealer’s Turn

After all the players draw the cards, it is the dealer’s turns over the hole card, which can end with a natural Blackjack. If not a natural blackjack, the dealer takes more cards or stands depending on the value.