Online Poker Basic Strategies

Online Poker Basic StrategiesLog on to any poker site and you will discover that there are many types of games to choose from at any time of the day, which can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating for beginners. However, it is also very exciting because you have the freedom to play any stakes at any time of day. Playing Texas Hold’em online may have the same rules as in a live game, but there are some clear differences. Some of these differences are definite advantages that are important for a novice player to be aware of in order to be a successful player online. Here are five basic tips to help guide you:

1. Start with low stakes games
Your online bankroll will give you more games than in a live game, thus more practice. Begin your online endeavours with a small bankroll and consistently play in low stakes games. Eventually, you will be comfortable enough to play higher stakes.

2. Begin with one game at a time
Though tempting to play multiple tables you should start by treating every game like a live game. As a novice, you must still focus on the game.

3. Observe betting patterns and take notes
Playing online can be challenging because you are unable to see the players and there is limited player interaction. However, you can get information on a player (a tell) by observing their betting patterns: how much they bet and the timing of the bet. Most online poker sites will let you add notes on a player so, once you have figured out what type of player they are, you can know them for the next time you play them.

4. Be patient
You will definitely see more hands in one level online than in a live game. This gives you more opportunities to mix up your betting patterns and observe your opponents. It is safe to say that the more hands you see, the quicker you will learn to play the game.

5. Review hand histories
Give yourself a break in between hands and in between games. Unlike live games, most sites offer hand histories. Whether you have won or lost a hand or a game, take a breather to review it. This will greatly help you understand your opponents as well as your successes and mistakes.