Betting do's and don'ts are very different for limit poker games and no limit poker games

Betting do's and don'ts are very different for limit poker games and no limit poker games. In a no limit game the player can bet any amount of the stake they have in the game at any time. The bets in a limit game are restricted to the limit amount of the game or the calling of a raise or making a raise of the limit amount. It is substantially easier to bluff in a no limit game as a player can bet a large amount to buy a pot with a bad hand. In no limit a player can also sand bag a great hand hoping trap other players in a big pot. The beauty of this is a player can wait till the end to make a big raise and confuse the other players.

In a limit game players have a tendency to stay to the bitter end hoping to make a miracle draw and win a pot. This sticking around is one of the problems with limit games. A player cannot bet enough to protect a hand that is currently a winner, but could be beat if the next cards dealt make their opponent a winning hand. Limit bets are a small percentage of pots with four or five players playing to the end of the hand. It is this disparity that makes limit poker so frustrating for a players with a pair of Aces. Aces get cracked all of the time in a limit game.

Limit games look less risky on the surface, but when looked at further a wise player sees that it is hard to protect hands in a limit game. No limit is always a dangerous game to play as a second best hand can lose the player holding the hand a great deal of money if the opponent is lucky to be holding the better hand. The problem with a limit game is many players stay in too many hands that they should fold, long before the last card is dealt. If the limit is a ten dollar bill as a maximum bet, it is easy to see how a player can go through a number of tens staying around too long. This makes it very hard to catch up by winning a limited pot. The compromise game is a pot limit game as these games have smaller wagers at the beginning of the hand.