Omaha Hi Low is great game to play by players who understand that it is different than Holdem

Omaha Hi Low is great game to play by players who understand that it is different than Holdem. Aces rarely win the high hand and Trips are not as powerful a hand as it is in Holdem. Straights and flushes are common in Omaha Hi Low, as every player has nine cards to make a hand. The difference between nine cards and seven cards to make a hand is a major reason that better hands are more common in Omaha Hi Low. Another factor about this game is there is a definite learning curve that must be gone through by new players. Holdem players that switch to Omaha are in for a rude awakening when they try to win with a Holdem hand. These hands have a low chance of winning the high side of the pot.

The Pot Limit version of this game is a mind blowing way to play poker because every now and then the players in the game go crazy with their betting and the pot gets over bet and then players take the chance that a river card will make them a huge winner. When pots get over bet in a Pot Limit game, the reward for winning one side is terrific, but the scooper hand is a marvelous happening that can make the entire playing session.

Another tip is many players over play their hand when they are dealt an Ace Deuce as part of the their four card hand. They may make the low hand a winner, but so may others in the hand. When you get caught up in a hand like this you will be lucky to break even. There are few high hands that get split up with another player. Usually the winner of the high side of the hand are not likely to have to split their winnings. It is only the low hand that constantly ends up with more than one low winner. For those that are learning to play this game, the best raises in this game are by the player with a possible lock on the high side. If a player in this situation is smart, they will raise every opportunity as they are going to score in this hand in a big way. If there are five players in the hand at the end, the high hand will get half of all the bets made during the play of the hand.