Playing online versus playing in a live poker room

Playing online versus playing in a live poker room. What are the differences that a player should keep in mind other than the game is live and has many different elements in a live poker room. Online a player with the chat turned off is in an isolated world of just the computer screen and their own immediate thoughts. There are usually few if any distractions when playing online from a players home on their computer. Live play on the other hand is filled with many distractions such as other live players, betting or calling the correct amount of chips or playing in turn and not out of turn. This may sound trivial, but it is not possible online to play out of turn, but live it happens all of the time, even to experienced players. One live game can be like being in church and the next can have more talk that a ladies social club. The chat at a live game can be enjoyable or irritating depending of the people and the topic. One thing that is obvious, is that live games are less confrontational than online games. Players show a great deal of respect in the live games as the poker room management will not put up with out of hand language or actions. You rarely see the classless actions that you see online by ignorant players. There is rarely any name calling or insulting in your face language in a live game.

The play in a live game is much slower than that you see in an online game. The computer speeds up the game almost double online. Players are timed out online if they do not act within the seconds that the online poker room sets for their game play. For this reason the play is faster and makes players stay in touch with the game unlike you see in a live game late at night when players are tired and over played. The one advantage to online poker is that it is terribly convenient and the play is fast and can be lucrative or costly depending on the cards one is getting. Be ready to play when the bet is your turn and use the auto play buttons when applicable. The folding button is most useful when you know you will fold on your turn. Both games can be fun, but there is a world of difference between Holdem online and Holdem in a live poker room.