The big difference between ring games and tournament games

The big difference between ring games and tournament games. The player can reload time and again in a ring game as long as they have the money. In a tournament, the player is out when the starting stake is gone. Most tournaments are won by a player that has been able to survive one or more all in hands. Players cannot wait for the best starting hands when the game is near the end of the tournament. The big antes will eat them up if they do not play. Hands with Aces are very valuable online as the algorithm on many poker sites seems to favor Aces. Pairs of Aces get cracked a lot online in limit games because the hands cannot be protected by big bets. In tournaments the bets can be unlimited so pairs of Aces can be protected by forcing the caller to pay the price to draw to beat the hand. However I did see a hand where three players went all in. Two of the players had aces and the third had a pair of nines. The Aces were had unless one of them made a flush with four suited cards on the flop. The flop made the nines the winner by coming up with a set after the flop was dealt. So goes tournament poker. The hands are amazing to watch and some are difficult to believe when they are dealt.

Playing in tournaments is all about survival and winning races and getting the flop when it is needed to survive and beat a better hand. The river card can be merciful and also as cruel to the loser as an sharp knife to the gut. Watching tournaments on TV is an eye opener to the uninitiated as they have to wonder at some of the plays that they see. There are players that are so conservative that they have a hard time calling with Kings and there are others that play a pair of threes like they were Aces. The best way to learn to play in tournaments is to play in small entry tournaments or freerolls. Until your play is consistently getting you near the final table do not play in higher entry fee tournaments as the competition in those games is much higher than the low entry fee tournaments. Good luck in your play and may the flops fall your way.