Pot Limit versus No Limit Holdem and the advantages if there are any

Pot Limit versus No Limit Holdem and the advantages if there are any. Pot Limit is a poor mans version of No Limit in that the betting at the beginning of the hand is relatively low values. This allows players to see the flop before committing a great deal of chips. This is a big advantage for those that are not willing to gamble on the flop. In No Limit a player could bet a large bet before the flop driving out players that would have liked to at least played through the flop. Made hands are great for No Limit and drawing hands are okay for Pot Limit.

At the end of a Pot Limit hand the betting can get pretty heavy as player now know the power of their hand. There is no waiting on the betting in a No Limit game. So the big difference between these two Holdem betting schemes is the way the betting is scaled down at the beginning of a Pot Limit hand and is not scaled down at the beginning of a No Limit hand. This rising level of bets allows more players to draw at makable hands in Pot Limit games and not fold due to a big wager. No Limit Holdem is the game with the following on many sites, but Pot Limit is the better game for those with a skinny stake. Players with limited funds can afford to play in Pot Limit and are likely to pass playing on No Limit games. They fear the big bet before the flop and the loss if there hand does not improve with the flop. Gambling on flops is a part of No Limit Holdem. Players that cannot afford the gamble should look very hard at Pot Limit Holdem.

Other than the betting scheme being controlled by the size of the Pot, there is little difference in the way the games are played. The poker hands are still valued the same and the odds of hitting an inside straight are still very high. By the way the same things can be said about Omaha Hi Low Pot Limit.

I personally like Pot Limit better than No Limit as the cost to see the flop is usually relatively low. Once the flop is dealt, there are still three bets that can be made by players or even more if there are raises. Try the game and see for yourself that the rules benefit the small stake player.