Review of Party Poker

Party Poker has a very large presence on the Internet in poker and also in other gaming vehicles. The number of games, online players and tournaments suggest that this is one big poker site. The first deposit bonus by a new player is matched up to $100. There are other bonuses throughout the year tied to special calendar events or holidays. These also could be reload the account type bonuses. This site has a huge following even after the change in banking laws in the US. Many of the players on this site are there to practice and play in the play money games. This accounts for a large number of players online. The site has other gaming venues like casino games, bingo and backgammon to name a few. With there huge player concentration, this site is not like many of the standard poker sites.

Poker Play

What do you want to play? It is here for most of the popular poker games. The betting levels are covered in a wide range of wagers and the No Limit games have a number of buy in levels that keep the games starting at a fair level. The cash games are plentiful and cover most levels of play that are going to attract new and existing players to the games. The wagering levels are enough to make a player some money if they get lucky and win a few pots. There are a number of big tournaments that have prizes that are life changing to the winner. The point of all of this, is that this site has a huge number of players which allows for a lot of games which therefore makes for many games to choose from for game searching players. The waiting time on this site is extremely small and is not a factor in player satisfaction. The tournaments are the same as the cash games as they are well attended which helps to make for very big guarantees and player count prizes. For this reason many players come back again and again just to play in the bigger tournaments. For this reason alone is it any wonder that the site consistently has a large number of games in progress at all times. Player count allows all other aspects of a poker site to succeed. Other fallout from this large number of players is that it allows for a variety of games and a wide range of money tournaments. This is the key to all sites and whether they are a good poker site or a lousy one with games breaking up or not being filled in a timely manner. There is nothing worse for a poker player looking for a game and not being able to find it in a timely way.

Customer Support

Support is always critical to a site as players with questions are not as likely to play. The player needs accurate answers to their questions. New players are going to have very basic questions that are usually easy to answer. The support is done via email or phone 24/7. The answers are provided by a staff that can usually come up with the answer to a players question.


This site is another monster poker website. The games that are featured on the site are the most popular poker games that are available online. Both cash and tournament play is featured on this poker site. In fact the number of games is amazing when one looks at the site stats on the home page. Players are ready to play and do so on Party Poker's website.