Review of Poker Stars

Poker Stars is one of the largest poker sites on the Internet and it was even bigger before the legislature in the USA changed the law and made it difficult for US players to sign up and deposit at online casinos and poker sites. Player count is huge and the number of games offered is absolutely amazing for a gaming site at any time or place. Without a doubt the site is ten to twenty times larger than many of the other sites that offer poker.

The first deposit on this site by a new player is matched up to $600. There are plenty of specials for deposits throughout the year so players can reload an account. There are other ways to get bonuses, such as referrals of friends. A reminder that all players should follow is they should read the rules about withdrawals of bonus money. Specifically they should read about any restrictions and if and when the they are lifted.

Poker Play

Full games are standard fare at Poker Stars since there are so many players online all of the time. New games get filled immediately and stay that way for long periods of time. This is a players site in all respects due to the fact that there are so many players that visit there often. Full games are constant on this site as that is the name of the game. Not only are there many players visiting at all times, there are numerous games to choose between. There is a game for just about every player that opens and account an visits to play. Players can also play for free for practice which allows a player to learn to play better with out risking any money.

Tournament poker players will love this site as they have a constant flow of tournaments throughout the day. The range of prizes and entry fees means that there are tournaments for all players. For those that want to take a shot at very big prizes in a tournament, there are many that offer the winner a life changing amount if they win. Currently there are two huge prize games with prizes in excess of One Million Dollars or more. There are many more with prizes close to $100,000.

The cash games come in all manner of poker genres, limits and buy ins. There are always games to be started or being currently played so the wait to get in a current cash game is rarely very long. The higher the limit or NO Limit the more likely the the players at the table will be experienced and very good players. A word to the wise be careful at the higher limits as the talent at those levels is excellent.

Customer Support

The support is available 24/7 and is usually very efficient, as the staff is very well trained and ready to answer most questions.


Poker Stars is one of the largest poker sites that is based on the Internet. The numbers they show online as to player count, tournaments and games that are open is mind boggling to say the least. There is rarely a problem keeping game going when players leave the table. New games are started up all the time to keep waiting players busy on site. This is important and the games are really important to keeping the players happy. The tournament schedule is full of games that range in winner prizes from extremely large to games that are in the mid to higher thousands of dollars. There is not only this wide range of games, but a huge number of tournaments. In fact this site has more games and players than just about any other poker site that is online.