Review of Red Kings Poker

Red Kings Poker is an online poker room that also has casino games. The site has a first time player deposit which has six different choices and the player picks the one they feel is best for their play. There are also specials like in Holdem if you are holding two red Kings and get beat, you receive a bad beat prize of $300. There are many bonuses on this poker room that are unique to this site. They offer a number of tournaments, cash games, No Limit games, Freeroll games and limit cash games. Along with all of the poker games this site also offers a number of casino games for players that like casino gaming. As can easily be seen when visiting the home page of the sits, this poker site is unusual and not just another poker room.

Poker Play

What level of poker do you like to play and what game or limit. Most of the popular forms of poker are available for play at Red Kings Poker. There are cash games, tournaments, No Limit games, freerolls and games with a specific buy in for the wagering limits. The tournaments come in a range of prizes. The entry fees are based on the prize level. It is not easy to pick which game a player will try first as the numerous games are all very tempting. The games are worth playing no matter which one is picked first. Cash games are presented in enough choices that a player will find one that fits the comfort level and the money the player is willing to risk. This is essential as playing outside of the comfort level is a sure way to lose or at least not enjoy playing.

There are plenty of tournaments with a wide range of winner's prizes. The entry fees are in line with the prizes that are offered. Players are given ample opportunities on this site to become a winner of a very nice payoff for the their play in both cash games and tournaments.

Winning is always up to the player's skill, but the environment on this site is conducive to playing as well as a player can. The games get tougher as the limits are raised as the better players play in the higher stakes games. For this reason, the new poker player should be sure they are ready before trying the higher stakes games.

Customer Support

Support is available 24/7 and is open to email or Live Chat. The staff that handles this service is well trained and can easily answer most questions put to them. The service request only simple questions be asked so they can be answered in the same manner they were given. For more complex questions the service request that the player use email and give a detailed account of the answers needed.


Although the site is not well known, the poker site seems to draw well and have more than an adequate number of players online. The games stay full and new ones get started without great delay. The tournaments do not have the huge prizes that are found on some of the much bigger sites, but they are here in enough numbers to keep players happy and contented with the small jackpots. The cash games are plentiful and range in limits and buy ins so players can find a game they will be able to afford. The site is interesting as there are a number of promotions that are unique to this site and cannot be found elsewhere. The beaten pair of Red Kings is such a promotion.