Review of William Hill Poker

William Hill offers new players a 100% matching bonus of up to £400. A very nice welcome bonus for new poker players to the site. There are later bonuses too as the site sees fit and for special promotions on significant dates on the calendar.


William Hill is a gaming name with a long history associated with UK gaming both live and online. The gaming company made its name in the UK as a well established sports book or book maker. This company started in 1934, founded by William Hill and has continued growing until presently it is the biggest book maker in the UK and their online site on the Net isn't to shabby either. The online site has been known for some time now as a site for high rollers and the poker element is one of the best in the UK. William Hill is a noted full scale casino on the Net with gaming in the following venues, Poker, Bingo, Casino Games, Lottos and Sports Betting. Poker is one of the gaming elements that have a huge customer following and a player count that makes it always ready to be played.

Poker Play

The UK can be very proud of the outstanding casino sites they now have coming out of that island nation. William Hill is one the better gaming sites that have the UK as their base of operation Their poker room is one of the best of all the poker rooms on the Internet. The player count on this site is out of sight. Player count is absolutely the most important element of any poker online room. This factor is what keeps games full and allows new games to be put in play. William Hill has both cash games and tournaments covered very well in their poker room. Their games include Holdem, Omaha Hi and Hi Low and Seven Card Stud. The offered game sets have a range of buy ins and wager limits. There is a game for any player that wants to play in either the cash games or the tournaments. In the tournaments there are games with a range of entry fees.

High rollers are more than welcome at William Hill as they have been attuned to that market for a long time. There are a number of poker games in the No Limit area that are designed just for better financed players. The small player is well covered also, so this accounts for the constant ability of the poker room to keep games filled or opening up a new game. Lousy sites cannot keep player count problems under control and they constantly have going games close down since there are not waiting players to fill the seats. This is not a problem at William Hill. William Hill has a game for any poker player that wishes to take a seat.

Games should be within player comfort levels so the players are not stressed out playing in the game. Tournaments should be handled the same way. Poker players like tournaments, but to be successful the tournaments need to be affordable and run with absolute integrity. This is William Hill's forte and reputation. When players sign up for tournaments in numbers , the count helps the prize money and makes playing in the tournament more attractive.

William Hill meets the needs of players and this accounts for the consistent popularity of their poker site and their reputation for being one of the best poker sites online.

Customer Support

Customer Support is handled by phone, email and Live Chat. The support staff is well trained and can answer most questions.